Bethany Kids Resources for the Week of July 12

Bethany Kids Resources for the Week of July 12

Sunday School

You can still have Sunday School at home! Video lessons, parent pages and student activity sheets are available at the links below. Don’t miss the newest video episode of Ranger Danger for PreK – 6th grade.

If you’re looking for some music for your at home worship time, check out the song links in the Resources We Love section.

Preschool (Age 2-4): July 11 Parent/Student Pages

Children’s Church

Here you’ll find helpful parent resources for discussing the video Bible lesson with your kids, a link to the video, as well as coloring and activity sheets.

Resources We Love

Four Ways You Can Demonstrate the Gospel To Your Children Today:  “Nothing can replace the power of time and the Gospel consistently spoken, applied, and demonstrated in our homes.” This blog post from Lifeway provides four everyday ways we can consistently demonstrate the reality of the Gospel to our children. 

At-Home VBS:  This on-line program provides a great opportunity for time together as a family as you explore God’s Word and learn about the world He created. This simple option is completely customizable for your family:

  1. Choose a week for your VBS or spread it out over multiple weeks.
  2. Click on this link to find the video content available. There are so many possibilities!  Each day, simply plan to play the video Bible lesson. Then select from a wide variety of other video options to reinforce the lesson throughout your day. (Music, drama, puppet shows, creature features, and science experiments are all provided!)
  3. Add a game, snack, or craft as you have time and energy. (Suggestions, videos, and instructions are included but will be determined and supplied by parents.)