The Conversion Story of Tyler Collins

The Conversion Story of Tyler Collins

Growing up My Dad was a Word of Life Missionary and so we often had family devotions in our house. One night for family devotions my Dad shared with us the Gospel message.

That Jesus died for our sins, that we have to ask Him for forgiveness to be saved and to be in heaven with Him some day. Even at the age of 5 I knew I was a sinner, that was pretty obvious. That night my dad asked me about the Gospel before going to bed and even as a five-year-old I knew it was a big decision so I asked him if I could think about it for a day.

The next night he walked me through the Gospel message again and asked me if I'd like to pray to receive Jesus. Even though I was young the whole thing seemed straightforward to me. I knew I was a sinner, and I knew only Jesus could save me, so I believed and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and save me.

Even though I was young when I accepted Christ, I've never had any doubt of my salvation as Jesus says in Matthew 18:3, " And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

I've had periods in my life where I was far from God, and periods where I was close to Him. Yet at the core of everything is the assurance I have that my simple faith as a five-year-old saved me. And that no matter how sinful I am or "holy" I am, Christ gave His life to give me His righteousness.

The miracle of Conversion is just as miraculous to me (saved at 5) as for any other. I praise God that He saved me from a life lived far from Him, that He saved me to a life of Joy and service. Yet, His work in my life to bring me to Him at 5 is a miracle even today.