Simple Church

Simple Church

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No person is joined to God without being added to God’s new community. Our new life is not just an individual relationship with God, but a relationship defined by family.


Tune to 88.5fm (WBNH Radio) at 11:00am to hear our service LIVE on the air on, Sunday, May 31! Additionally, we invite everyone to join us on-site for Drive-In Church. Simply pull into the parking lot and tune your radio to 88.5fm, and listen as we worship together through song and as Pastor Ritch teaches from Acts 2:37-47.

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Welcome: Josh Beakley

Song: Our God Saves
Song: Lamb of God
Song: By Faith
Song: Lord, I Need You

Scripture Reading: Acts 2:41-47
Sermon: Simple Church | Dr. Ritch Boerckel

Closing Song: O Church Arise


Closing: Josh Beakley


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