Sermons from December 2017

Sermons from December 2017

Stirring Up Love Through Encouragement

Love for our own local church family is a central mark of Christ-following discipleship. No one faithfully follows Jesus without loving their own local church. God advances His Name through His local church, so let us live in ways that spurs the local church to health.

My Soul Magnifies the Lord!

A worshipping heart rejoices to make much of God. In this sermon from Luke 1:46-56, Pastor Ritch teaches Mary’s faithful response to her great calling to become the mother of her Savior.

A Sign of the Times

Guest speaker Art Georges, Senior Pastor of Living Hope Community Church in Bartonville, Illinois, preaches this messages from Micah 4:1-5:3, about the prophecy of the coming Savior. But the context of the birthplace prophecy tells us more than simply where the Messiah would be born. It tells us about God’s plan to establish His kingdom.

Christ-Exalting Headship

Western culture has given us a seemingly unlimited supply of unhealthy leadership examples in the home. But rather than casting aside headship as antiquated or irrelevant, Dr. Daniel Bennett, Senior Pastor of Bethany Community Church in Washington, Illinois, walks through the Christ-exalting headship outlined in Numbers 30.