Sermons from May 2017

Sermons from May 2017

Hallelujah! A Leader Worth Trusting

Christians are often quick to place their trust in saviors that offer to hope of salvation. In this message, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches the ancient call to worship found in Psalm 146, and the strength it holds for our faith today.

The Potter and the Clay

God is right to do that which successfully pursues His own glory to the greatest degree. In this message from Romans 9:19-24, Pastor Ritch begins to unpack the deep theological lessons from one of the most challenging passages in the Bible.

God Has Visited His People

For every sorrow that sin brings to the doorstep of our lives, Jesus is present and ready to show His love to us. In this special Mother’s Day message, Pastor Ritch shares the story of Jesus raising a widow’s only son from the dead in Luke 7:11-17, and why that miracle should still fill us with hope and joy today.

God Has Mercy on Whom He Desires, Part 2

Those who choose to follow Christ have done so because God had already chosen them in eternity past. But is God just in His purposes? Pastor Ritch tackles this challenging and important doctrine in this message from Romans 9:14-18.