Sermons from April 2017

Sermons from April 2017

God Has Mercy on Whom He Desires, Part 1

In order to be justified, we need to meet the condition that God establishes for us: belief in Jesus as our Savior. But in order to be elect by God, we have no condition we can meet; God must choose us. Is God fair to accept some while rejecting others? Pastor Ritch explores this question through the lens of Romans 9:6-18.

Godly Sorrow for the Unsaved

In this message from Romans 9:1-13, Pastor Ritch teaches about the seeming contradiction between God’s sovereign power over salvation and the lack of faith so many people have demonstrated both in Bible times and today.

The Victory of the Resurrection

In this Easter message, Pastor Ritch teaches the third sermon in our three-part series, The Resurrection, and shares about the hope and eternal joy that belongs to every believer because of Jesus victory over death.

The Offense and the Opportunity of the Cross

The central message of Good Friday is this: Jesus died to rescue us from our sins. In this Good Friday message, Pastor Ritch teaches from Matthew 27:22-54, about four truths of the cross to help us receive God’s grace in Jesus Christ.

The Hope of Our Resurrection

No Christian can withstand the assaults of the enemy if he or she refuses to labor in grasping sound doctrine. In this message from I Corinthians 15:20-35, Pastor Ritch shares the hope and reality of our future resurrection, and the urgency of the Apostle Paul’s charge to the church in Corinth to pursue a life of holiness.

The Good News of the Resurrection

The apostles did not emphasize Jesus’ compassion, nor His specific sermons so much as they placed primary attention upon His atoning work – a work completed in His death, burial and resurrection. In this message from I Corinthians 15, 1-19, Pastor Ritch shares about this Biblical foundation of hope that God has granted to all those who believe.