Sermons from 2016

Sermons from 2016

God’s Magnificent Son

In this Christmas message, Pastor Ritch teaches from Hebrews 1:1-3, about the all-surpassing greatness of God on display through the birth and life of Jesus.

God Works In All Things

In this message, Pastor Ritch dispels common misunderstandings while providing believers with hope in the perfect will of God as he teaches from Romans 8:28-29.

The Holy Spirit Intercedes for Us

During seasons of suffering and pain, God’s children often do not even know the words to express in their prayers to God. Rather than leave us in confusion or despair, God provides hope and comfort. In this message from Romans 8:26-27, Pastor Ritch teaches about the ministry of the Holy Spirit to intercede for us in the midst of the trials we all face.

Back to the Future

In this message from Romans 8:18-25, Pastor Ritch teaches how God purposefully designs our temporary pains to bring us to eternal pleasure in Him.

Incomparable Glory

Why do children of God still experience pain and suffering on this earth? In this message from Romans 8:16-18, Pastor Ritch teaches about God’s purpose and design in the temporary sufferings of this life, and about finding an eternal joy in Him.

The Greatest Miracle of Jesus

Of the seven miracles Jesus performed in the book of John, which was the greatest? In this message from John 20:30-31, Dr. Sukhwant Bhatia offers challenging insights into these miraculous works, and shares the most miraculous work of all.

Forgiven Much!!

In this message from Luke 8:36-50, Pastor Ritch shares the joy of the Gospel and how unworthy we are to receive such a great forgiveness.

The Great Reversal

There’s only one right side of history: God always wins. In this final sermon from our series on the book of Esther, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches through chapters of 8-10, about the clear demonstration of God’s sovereignty despite His name never appearing in the book.