Sermons on Worldview

Sermons on Worldview

Committing Ourselves to Good Citizenship

Devotion to God leads us to commit ourselves to good citizenship. Our submission to God always ties us to a heart of submission to every God-given authority in our lives, which means that Christians should be the best of citizens in this present world.

Back to the Future

In this message from Romans 8:18-25, Pastor Ritch teaches how God purposefully designs our temporary pains to bring us to eternal pleasure in Him.

Present Yourselves To God

In this message from Romans 6:11-14, Pastor Ritch explores the Apostle Paul’s first commands so far in the book of Romans, and explains how crucial it is to the Christian’s life in Christ.

Grace Abounds

Our world was created in a state of purity and innocence, but that perfection was ruined the moment Adam sinned in the garden of Eden. We cannot turn back the clock on his (and our own) mistakes and failures, but does this mean we will never regain paradise? In this message from Romans 5:12-21, Dr. Ritch Boerckel contrasts the disobedience of Adam with the life-giving obedience of Jesus.