Sermons on Peace

Sermons on Peace

Has God Rejected His People?

God’s rejection of Israel was never final, nor full. Indeed, God never fully rejects those whom He has promised to faithfully love. A remnant is always present and is much larger than we often perceive.

Hallelujah! A Leader Worth Trusting

Christians are often quick to place their trust in saviors that offer to hope of salvation. In this message, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches the ancient call to worship found in Psalm 146, and the strength it holds for our faith today.

The Holy Spirit Intercedes for Us

During seasons of suffering and pain, God’s children often do not even know the words to express in their prayers to God. Rather than leave us in confusion or despair, God provides hope and comfort. In this message from Romans 8:26-27, Pastor Ritch teaches about the ministry of the Holy Spirit to intercede for us in the midst of the trials we all face.