Sermons on Giving

Sermons on Giving

Give Gifts

The early church in Macedonia set an example of generosity that the Apostle Paul shared with believers across the world. Their example still inspires our actions today, because you can never out-give God.

Stirring Up Love through Financial Gifts

In this message from 2 Corinthians 9:1-15, Pastor Ritch teaches that God loves cheerful givers because He loves to be glorified through our thanksgiving. God does not delight in our giving as an act in and of itself, but rather God delights in our cheerful giving. He is not just concerned with what we give, but in how we give.

God’s Thoughts on Our Giving

Sadly, the Church of Jesus over her history has often shown herself to be greedy for money. In the days prior to the Reformation, in the early fifteen hundreds, the Church devised a plan to sell indulgences to people. The Church was teaching the unbiblical Doctrine of Purgatory. The Doctrine of Purgatory teaches that believers in Jesus die and that most of them, except for a rare few, enter into a place where they suffer miserably for a certain number…
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