Sermons on Repentance

Sermons on Repentance

In Grave Sin: Worship Through Confession

Worship sees God as the All-Sufficient Creator, the Loving Savior, and the Holy King that He is and then looks in faith for Him to be God to us. We worship God when we confess our sins to Him and ask for Him to forgive and cleanse us.

The Thieves – Salvation is Free

If God’s perfect Son had remained distant and not drawn near to us, there would be no means of forgiveness for our sins. The story of the thieves gives us hope by demonstrating their experience of God’s love and mercy.

The Sorry Traitor – Judas

No one squandered spiritual opportunity as terribly as Judas. His life demonstrates that having a credible testimony of faith does not connect us to Jesus. Instead, we must have a broken and contrite heart that calls out to Him in faith and dependence.   [do action=”primary-button” text=”Read the latest Devotions” link=””/]  

Expect Opposition

A few sound words of commitment to God do not prove a heart commitment to God. Balaam’s life and actions demonstrate that if we set our heart on sinful pursuits, we cannot avoid enticing others to sin.

The Potter and the Clay

God is right to do that which successfully pursues His own glory to the greatest degree. In this message from Romans 9:19-24, Pastor Ritch begins to unpack the deep theological lessons from one of the most challenging passages in the Bible.

Mercy and Pardon

There is hope for every sinner to be made completely clean. In this message, Pastor Ritch shares the devastating effects of King David’s sin and his subsequent hope of restoration in Psalm 51.