Sermons on Regeneration & New Birth

Sermons on Regeneration & New Birth

Real Change

No one believes in Jesus and continues to live the same old life. Any faith in Christ that does not change our practical life is a false faith.

Living Pure Lives

Our radical worship of God leads us to live pure lives. Let us live our lives with the conscious expectation of Jesus’ return and of our future perfection.

Our Spiritual Worship

Give all your body and mind to the worship of God. Leave nothing for yourself, but trust God to give you infinitely more that you can imagine.

Beautiful Feet

If you have met Jesus, you can introduce someone to Jesus. God loves to use simple instruments to eternally change the course of another’s life.

Believe In Your Heart, Part 2

The most basic duty and greatest need for each believer is to consciously place our whole person under the Lordship of Jesus each day, including both the belief in our heart as well as the confession with our mouth.

No Condemnation!

When we realize our own hopeless condition before God, we can only rejoice when Paul proclaims “No condemnation!” In this message from Romans 8:1, Pastor Ritch teaches how this short verse ties together the first seven chapters of Romans to give us an unquenchable hope through the Gospel of Christ.

Present Yourselves To God

In this message from Romans 6:11-14, Pastor Ritch explores the Apostle Paul’s first commands so far in the book of Romans, and explains how crucial it is to the Christian’s life in Christ.

Alive To God

In this message from Romans 6:5-14, Pastor Ritch explains that we must stop trying to think positively to gain victory over sin, and instead begin to think doctrinally in order to develop a clearer understanding of the finished work of the Gospel.