Sermons on Law

Sermons on Law

The Lawful Use of the Law

The law itself is good, but it is not good news since it displays our unworthiness before it. But we will never accept the good news of the Gospel if we are foolish enough to think we have no sin.

Indwelling Sin and the War Within, Part 1

Many people expect their salvation to signal an end to temptation to sin. In this message from Romans 7:14-25, Pastor Ritch teaches that we must continually prepare for this struggle to remain throughout our earthly life, but shares the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to trust in the hope of the Gospel for deliverance.

The Law Is Good

In this message from Romans 7:7-13, Pastor Ritch teaches how the culture of the Western church has swung from being overly legalistic to the equally damaging but opposite viewpoint of largely disregarding the law.
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