Sermons on Justification

Sermons on Justification

The Self-Righteous Hypocrite – The Priests

Jesus urges us to understand the difference between a person who is superficially moral and a person who is spiritually alive, between a person who ACTS righteous before men and a person who IS righteous on the inside.   [do action=”primary-button” text=”Read the latest Devotions” link=””/]

God’s Deliverance

God delivers His people from bondage by grace through a blood sacrifice. But His primary focus in His redemption is freedom from the spiritual bondage of our own sin, not liberation from external oppression.

Final Destinations After the Resurrection

People will spend eternity exactly where they belong. In the first message of this five-part series, Pastor Josh Beakley begins at the end of the story – after death, the resurrection, and the final judgment – to the final place everyone will spend eternity.

Believe In Your Heart, Part 2

The most basic duty and greatest need for each believer is to consciously place our whole person under the Lordship of Jesus each day, including both the belief in our heart as well as the confession with our mouth.

God’s Righteousness vs. Man’s Righteousness

Religious people often stumble over Jesus and miss God’s salvation because they depend upon good deeds and religious rituals to satisfy God’s demand for righteousness. But God’s demand for righteousness is satisfied only through faith in Jesus who offers it to us as a free gift.

Pursuing Righteousness By Faith

If we come to God through our own efforts to be righteous, we will stumble over Jesus Christ and be ruined forever.  If we come to God through faith, we will have Jesus Christ as our cornerstone and receive righteousness and life in Him.

God Has Mercy on Whom He Desires, Part 2

Those who choose to follow Christ have done so because God had already chosen them in eternity past. But is God just in His purposes? Pastor Ritch tackles this challenging and important doctrine in this message from Romans 9:14-18.