Sermons on Gospel

Sermons on Gospel

Make Disciples!, Part 1

When you make your plan for the day or the week ahead of you, does Jesus order your steps? Do you consciously say, “Lord, I am your servant. Show me what you want me to put on my list?”

The Sorry Traitor – Judas

No one squandered spiritual opportunity as terribly as Judas. His life demonstrates that having a credible testimony of faith does not connect us to Jesus. Instead, we must have a broken and contrite heart that calls out to Him in faith and dependence.   [do action=”primary-button” text=”Read the latest Devotions” link=””/]  

Proclaiming The Gospel, Part 1

Significance in our lives flows from serving our Lord Jesus with faith and zeal. While Jesus does not call every one of His disciples to change their vocation in life, He does call every one of His disciples to change their mission for life.

Sight vs. Insight

Why do some people believe while others do not? In John 9, the story of the man who received his sight demonstrates that seeing God requires an act of God.

Indwelling Sin and the War Within, Part 2

Many people expect their salvation to signal an end to temptation to sin. In this concluding message on Romans 7:14-25, Pastor Ritch teaches that we must continually prepare for this struggle to remain throughout our earthly life, but shares the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to trust in the hope of the Gospel for deliverance.