Sermons on Worldliness

Sermons on Worldliness

Expect Opposition

A few sound words of commitment to God do not prove a heart commitment to God. Balaam’s life and actions demonstrate that if we set our heart on sinful pursuits, we cannot avoid enticing others to sin.

Living Pure Lives

Our radical worship of God leads us to live pure lives. Let us live our lives with the conscious expectation of Jesus’ return and of our future perfection.

Be Transformed!

Grace that does not transform our lives on the outside and the inside is not the grace of God received through faith in Jesus. It is a weak and worldly “grace” that does not deliver us from sin and death. Give all your body and mind to the worship of God. Leave nothing for yourself, but trust God to give you infinitely more that you can imagine.

Pursuing Righteousness By Faith

If we come to God through our own efforts to be righteous, we will stumble over Jesus Christ and be ruined forever.  If we come to God through faith, we will have Jesus Christ as our cornerstone and receive righteousness and life in Him.

Let Us Pursue Love Together

While love in the local church is not the only thing that matters, if love is not dominant in the local church then nothing else we do matters. In this message from I John 4:7-21, Pastor Ritch teaches about this defining characteristic of the body of Christ.

Cool Dads & Corrupt Sons

Being a godly man does not automatically make a man a good dad, and in this message from I Samuel 2:12-36, Pastor Ritch highlights the Israelite priest Eli as an example of a bad dad. Learn how we can avoid his mistakes in order to lead our families for the glory of God today.
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