Sermons on Work & Vocation

Sermons on Work & Vocation

Finite Leaders. Infinite God.

Many leaders experience the temptation to consider themselves as indispensable to those they lead, but as Moses’ demonstrates, effective and long-lasting leadership demands wisdom and community.

Expect Opposition

A few sound words of commitment to God do not prove a heart commitment to God. Balaam’s life and actions demonstrate that if we set our heart on sinful pursuits, we cannot avoid enticing others to sin.

Proclaiming the Gospel, Part 2

Significance in our lives flows from working for our Lord Jesus with faith and zeal. A good life is a life invested zealously in the mission of Christ: proclaiming His Gospel and strengthening His church for discipleship.

The Christian in the Workplace

Jonathan Edwards wrote a series of resolutions one year and one of them reads this way, “Resolve, never to do any manner of thing, whether in soul or body, but what tends to the glory of God.” In this study we will see the work we do, Monday through Friday or Monday through Saturday, as your work week may be, tends to the glory of God and how it really is a part of our worship of God. Many times…