Sermons on Suffering (Page 2)

Sermons on Suffering (Page 2)

Courageously Protecting the Church

Doctrine matters. What we believe about God changes how we relate to Him and how we live our lives. No church is healthy when it is a safe place for wolves to harm the flock without fear of being confronted.

Committing Ourselves to Good Citizenship

Devotion to God leads us to commit ourselves to good citizenship. Our submission to God always ties us to a heart of submission to every God-given authority in our lives, which means that Christians should be the best of citizens in this present world.

Overcoming Evil with Good

Devotion to God leads us to overcome evil with good. Satan’s strongest temptations to destroy our soul strike us when we are hurt. Pain caused by others is always a time of intense spiritual warfare against sin in our own hearts.

Spirit-Filled Martyrdom

We must be filled with the Spirit if we are to have a Christ-like response to persecution and hardship. In this message from Acts 7:54-8:3, Art Georges (Senior Pastor of Living Hope Community Church) teaches about the death of Stephen and the encouragement it holds for the church to stand for Christ today.

God Works In All Things

In this message, Pastor Ritch dispels common misunderstandings while providing believers with hope in the perfect will of God as he teaches from Romans 8:28-29.

The Holy Spirit Intercedes for Us

During seasons of suffering and pain, God’s children often do not even know the words to express in their prayers to God. Rather than leave us in confusion or despair, God provides hope and comfort. In this message from Romans 8:26-27, Pastor Ritch teaches about the ministry of the Holy Spirit to intercede for us in the midst of the trials we all face.

Incomparable Glory

Why do children of God still experience pain and suffering on this earth? In this message from Romans 8:16-18, Pastor Ritch teaches about God’s purpose and design in the temporary sufferings of this life, and about finding an eternal joy in Him.