Sermons on Serving

Sermons on Serving

The Joy of Community

Our local church is a spiritual family to whom we belong and are committed to love, serve, encourage, strengthen and sharpen for the glory of God. It’s a community that derives life from a mutual love for and a shared experience with Jesus.

Stirring Up Love through Christian Ministry

God gives His church a mission to fulfill and spiritually gifts each member of His church to serve in ministry together as a church for the sake of His Name. We would never have become a Christian without Jesus’ church, and it serves that we will only grow in our faith and worship of God if we joyfully embrace the central place of the church in our lives.

Encouragement to Do God’s Work

A man was shoveling snow from his driveway when two boys carrying shovels approached him. “Shovel your snow, mister? Only five dollars!” The man looked at the two boys with a puzzled look and he said, “Can’t you see that I am doing it myself.” The two boys replied, “Well, mister, that is how we get most of our business; from people who are half-way through and feel like quitting.” Perhaps there are some of us who are half-way through…

God Opens Doors

We would have much difficultly if doors refused to open for us. Why, yet, this morning, most of us have needed four or five doors to open in order just to get here to church. So, we needed, perhaps, the bedroom door so we could make our way out of our room. And, then we needed the door to the exterior of our house to open. And then, we needed the car door to open so we could get in…
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