Sermons on Hope

Sermons on Hope

Real Faith

The difference between people with faith and those without is night and day; people of faith live with spiritual clarity about the future and encourage one another in spiritual community.

A Desperate Dad Petitions Jesus

Faith is a gift from God that connects us to God’s person and to every one of God’s blessings. Without faith we do not have God and without God we have nothing. In this Father’s Day message from Mark 5:21-43, Pastor Ritch teaches how Jesus used the circumstances of one father to grow and shape his faith and dependence upon God.

The Great Reversal

There’s only one right side of history: God always wins. In this final sermon from our series on the book of Esther, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches through chapters of 8-10, about the clear demonstration of God’s sovereignty despite His name never appearing in the book.

Turn of Fate

It just so happens that nothing just so happens. In this message, Pastor Josh Beakley walks through Esther 5-7, and explains that regardless of how hopeless the circumstances may seem from our perspective, fate always turns according to plan, and the supremacy of God always prevails.

A Woman of Grace

In this Mother’s Day message from I Samuel 1-2, Pastor Ritch teaches about Hannah, the mother of the Israelite prophet Samuel. This story paints a picture of a woman of grace as it reveals her responses to both trials and blessings, and it gives all believing women great encouragement to continue living out her by example today.
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