Sermons on Forgiving Others

Sermons on Forgiving Others

Loving Our Neighbor

Devotion to God leads us love our neighbor as ourselves. Love is the beginning, middle and end of our obedience to God. If we love God and love our neighbor truly, we do not need any other command.

Overcoming Evil with Good

Devotion to God leads us to overcome evil with good. Satan’s strongest temptations to destroy our soul strike us when we are hurt. Pain caused by others is always a time of intense spiritual warfare against sin in our own hearts.

Stirring Up Love through Forgiveness

We are a people in the process of progress; we have not yet crossed the finish line. Forgiveness enables us to glorify God in our local church. In this message from Colossians 3:12-15, Pastor Ritch teaches that not only is forgiveness a means of bringing glory to God, but that very same glorification of God can be so easily lost when forgiveness is fumbled.

Let Us Pursue Love Together

While love in the local church is not the only thing that matters, if love is not dominant in the local church then nothing else we do matters. In this message from I John 4:7-21, Pastor Ritch teaches about this defining characteristic of the body of Christ.
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