Sermons on Fear & Anxiety (Page 2)

Sermons on Fear & Anxiety (Page 2)

Hallelujah! A Leader Worth Trusting

Christians are often quick to place their trust in saviors that offer to hope of salvation. In this message, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches the ancient call to worship found in Psalm 146, and the strength it holds for our faith today.

Leap of Faith

In this message from Esther 4, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches about the reality of evil and its demand for a response from every believer.

Rise of the Nemesis

In this message from Esther 3, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches about the rise of evil, and shows how the glory of God is on display even through life’s darkest moments.

First Things First

God won’t settle for the work of our hands when He doesn’t first have the worship of our heart. In this message from Luke 10:38-42, Pastor Josh Beakley encourages believers to examine their priorities and make room for worship and to listen for the voice of the Lord.

Rejoicing in Hope

Fear and anxiety are well-worn tools in the devil’s workshop. The devil presses hundreds of different fears and worries against us to lead us away from worship, and in the face of such spiritual and emotional attacks it is easy to lose hope. But as Pastor Ritch explains in this message from Romans 5, our hope in Christ overwhelms all fears and enables us not only to endure but to rejoice in the face of hardship and trials.

The Privilege of Prayer

The Christian’s life is marked by prayer, but what exactly does that mean? In this message from Hebrews 4:11-16, Dr. Ritch Boerckel answers three important questions about prayer: what it is, what gives us confidence in it, and what continues to draw us back to it.