Sermons on Fear & Anxiety

Sermons on Fear & Anxiety

Are You Ready for Gospel Ministry?

Life in Christ brings trials and hardships, but Jesus promises deliverance to those who persevere. All believers should expect hardships, and we must examine ourselves to know whether we are prepared for the path that awaits us.

Riches For The Gentiles

God is faithful and wise in His workings in human history. Do not be dismayed by what you see, but trust Him to fulfill His promises. Human unbelief does not frustrate God’s gracious plans. Know that He is working in the affairs of men to bring Himself glory.

Has God Rejected His People?

God’s rejection of Israel was never final, nor full. Indeed, God never fully rejects those whom He has promised to faithfully love. A remnant is always present and is much larger than we often perceive.

A Desperate Dad Petitions Jesus

Faith is a gift from God that connects us to God’s person and to every one of God’s blessings. Without faith we do not have God and without God we have nothing. In this Father’s Day message from Mark 5:21-43, Pastor Ritch teaches how Jesus used the circumstances of one father to grow and shape his faith and dependence upon God.