Sermons on Assurance of Salvation (Page 2)

Sermons on Assurance of Salvation (Page 2)

Pursuing Righteousness By Faith

If we come to God through our own efforts to be righteous, we will stumble over Jesus Christ and be ruined forever.  If we come to God through faith, we will have Jesus Christ as our cornerstone and receive righteousness and life in Him.

The Potter and the Clay

God is right to do that which successfully pursues His own glory to the greatest degree. In this message from Romans 9:19-24, Pastor Ritch begins to unpack the deep theological lessons from one of the most challenging passages in the Bible.

God Has Mercy on Whom He Desires, Part 1

In order to be justified, we need to meet the condition that God establishes for us: belief in Jesus as our Savior. But in order to be elect by God, we have no condition we can meet; God must choose us. Is God fair to accept some while rejecting others? Pastor Ritch explores this question through the lens of Romans 9:6-18.

The Victory of the Resurrection

In this Easter message, Pastor Ritch teaches the third sermon in our three-part series, The Resurrection, and shares about the hope and eternal joy that belongs to every believer because of Jesus victory over death.

Since God Is For Us

Because God chose to set His love upon His children in eternity past, we who are His children know for certain that our future is one of unending joy and glory in God. In this message from Romans 8:31-32, Pastor Ritch teaches about the unstoppable love of God.

Heirs of God

In this message from Romans 8:14-17, Pastor Ritch lays out the ways God gives assurance of salvation to the believer and the great comfort readily available to all Christians through this doctrine.

No Condemnation!

When we realize our own hopeless condition before God, we can only rejoice when Paul proclaims “No condemnation!” In this message from Romans 8:1, Pastor Ritch teaches how this short verse ties together the first seven chapters of Romans to give us an unquenchable hope through the Gospel of Christ.

Alive To God

In this message from Romans 6:5-14, Pastor Ritch explains that we must stop trying to think positively to gain victory over sin, and instead begin to think doctrinally in order to develop a clearer understanding of the finished work of the Gospel.