Sermons on Resurrection of Christ

Sermons on Resurrection of Christ

The Life-Giving Resurrection of Jesus

The Christian’s entire life rests upon Jesus’ real bodily resurrection from the dead. Our security does not depend upon us, but on Him who promised to keep us. His resurrection guarantees that He is able.

Hearts on Fire

When we find joy in the resurrected Lord we will share it with the world! In this Easter sermon, Pastor Ritch shares the experiences of Cleopas, one of the disciples that encountered Jesus on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-35.

The Victory of the Resurrection

In this Easter message, Pastor Ritch teaches the third sermon in our three-part series, The Resurrection, and shares about the hope and eternal joy that belongs to every believer because of Jesus victory over death.

The Hope of Our Resurrection

No Christian can withstand the assaults of the enemy if he or she refuses to labor in grasping sound doctrine. In this message from I Corinthians 15:20-35, Pastor Ritch shares the hope and reality of our future resurrection, and the urgency of the Apostle Paul’s charge to the church in Corinth to pursue a life of holiness.

Come and See

All believers have experiences and feelings which encourage and strengthen their faith in Christ, but the Bible offers us more than simply subjective experiences. In this message from Matthew 28:1-20,  Pastor Ritch teaches about the events and circumstances surrounding that first Easter Sunday morning, and the firm foundation it lays out for faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.