Sermons on Love of God

Sermons on Love of God

Keep Going

Nothing is more vital to the joy of our souls than for us to learn how to listen to God through His Word and to talk with God in prayer. We must not yield to discouragement, doubt, or delay. Pray and keep on praying. God hears us!

The Self-Righteous Hypocrite – The Priests

Jesus urges us to understand the difference between a person who is superficially moral and a person who is spiritually alive, between a person who ACTS righteous before men and a person who IS righteous on the inside.   [do action=”primary-button” text=”Read the latest Devotions” link=””/]

Follow The Leader

Jesus’s love is scandalous. It’s humility, clarity and uniqueness fills and empowers all those who profess faith in Christ. In this Palm Sunday message from John 13, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches about the joy – and pain – that believers experience as they live out this love in a world marred by sin.

The Victory of the Resurrection

In this Easter message, Pastor Ritch teaches the third sermon in our three-part series, The Resurrection, and shares about the hope and eternal joy that belongs to every believer because of Jesus victory over death.

Since God Is For Us

Because God chose to set His love upon His children in eternity past, we who are His children know for certain that our future is one of unending joy and glory in God. In this message from Romans 8:31-32, Pastor Ritch teaches about the unstoppable love of God.

Heirs of God

In this message from Romans 8:14-17, Pastor Ritch lays out the ways God gives assurance of salvation to the believer and the great comfort readily available to all Christians through this doctrine.