Sermons on God

Sermons on God

Keep Going

Nothing is more vital to the joy of our souls than for us to learn how to listen to God through His Word and to talk with God in prayer. We must not yield to discouragement, doubt, or delay. Pray and keep on praying. God hears us!

Why Did God Establish Marriage?, Part 2

God did not create marriage mainly for the joy of sex, or for procreation, or for companionship, or for personal fulfillment. Those are all intended benefits of marriage, but God created marriage so that we would find our great pleasure in proclaiming the glory of God through it.

In Grave Sin: Worship Through Confession

Worship sees God as the All-Sufficient Creator, the Loving Savior, and the Holy King that He is and then looks in faith for Him to be God to us. We worship God when we confess our sins to Him and ask for Him to forgive and cleanse us.