Sermons on Wives & Mothers

Sermons on Wives & Mothers

Moms in the Church

Pursuing godliness calls us to take responsibility for the spiritual support, encouragement and improvement of others in our local church. In this message from Titus 2:1-8, Pastor Ritch explains the Biblical call to mothers in the local church to commit to serving women in the church.

God Has Visited His People

For every sorrow that sin brings to the doorstep of our lives, Jesus is present and ready to show His love to us. In this special Mother’s Day message, Pastor Ritch shares the story of Jesus raising a widow’s only son from the dead in Luke 7:11-17, and why that miracle should still fill us with hope and joy today.

A Woman of Grace

In this Mother’s Day message from I Samuel 1-2, Pastor Ritch teaches about Hannah, the mother of the Israelite prophet Samuel. This story paints a picture of a woman of grace as it reveals her responses to both trials and blessings, and it gives all believing women great encouragement to continue living out her by example today.

The Christian Wife

In Colossians 3, we are going to begin with an application section which talks about the home life. Over four studies we will be talking about the Christian home and seeing the applications of a spiritual life with God, a walk with God, upon the very practical area of our home life, and the relationships between husbands and wives, relationships between parents and children, and I trust this will be a great encouragement to each one of us. Gary Thomas,…