Sermons on Parenting

Sermons on Parenting

Cool Dads & Corrupt Sons

Being a godly man does not automatically make a man a good dad, and in this message from I Samuel 2:12-36, Pastor Ritch highlights the Israelite priest Eli as an example of a bad dad. Learn how we can avoid his mistakes in order to lead our families for the glory of God today.

A Woman of Grace

In this Mother’s Day message from I Samuel 1-2, Pastor Ritch teaches about Hannah, the mother of the Israelite prophet Samuel. This story paints a picture of a woman of grace as it reveals her responses to both trials and blessings, and it gives all believing women great encouragement to continue living out her by example today.

The Treasure of Little Tikes

As followers of Jesus, every member of the local church has a responsibility to help bring the children of their church community to Jesus without hindrance . In this message from Mark 10:13-16, Dr. Ritch Boerckel teaches about a short but incredibly deep story of Jesus illustrating the Gospel to his own disciples through his care for and focus on children.
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