Sermons on Husbands & Fathers

Sermons on Husbands & Fathers

Dads in the Church

There is no moment in our lives when we don’t need fresh manna taught from the Word of God to fill our souls, especially in the context of the local church. In this message from Titus 2:1-10, Pastor Ritch exhorts men of every age to stay engaged and connected into the work of the local church and leading their homes and communities to walk in accordance with the Scripture.

Christ-Exalting Headship

Western culture has given us a seemingly unlimited supply of unhealthy leadership examples in the home. But rather than casting aside headship as antiquated or irrelevant, Dr. Daniel Bennett, Senior Pastor of Bethany Community Church in Washington, Illinois, walks through the Christ-exalting headship outlined in Numbers 30.

A Desperate Dad Petitions Jesus

Faith is a gift from God that connects us to God’s person and to every one of God’s blessings. Without faith we do not have God and without God we have nothing. In this Father’s Day message from Mark 5:21-43, Pastor Ritch teaches how Jesus used the circumstances of one father to grow and shape his faith and dependence upon God.

Cool Dads & Corrupt Sons

Being a godly man does not automatically make a man a good dad, and in this message from I Samuel 2:12-36, Pastor Ritch highlights the Israelite priest Eli as an example of a bad dad. Learn how we can avoid his mistakes in order to lead our families for the glory of God today.

The Christian Husband, Part 2

We have been studying through this letter to the church at Colosse which emphasizes the supremacy of Jesus and the centrality of Jesus in all things. Chapter 3 is a call of God for us to live a holy life, a life which is set apart, and a life which is different. In this text, Paul begins to narrow the focus as he connects the pursuit of a holy life of Christ-likeness to the Christian home. God gives marriage to…

The Christian Husband, Part 1

We come to the application section of Colossians in which God gives instructions for families. These instructions are set in the context of a chapter which calls us to practical holiness in our life. Very much a part of our walk with God and very much a part of our pursuit of Godliness is the practice of living out biblical principles in our homes. We might say there can be no Godliness and no Christ-likeness if we are not committed…