Sermons on Character Studies (Page 3)

Sermons on Character Studies (Page 3)

God’s Deliverance

God delivers His people from bondage by grace through a blood sacrifice. But His primary focus in His redemption is freedom from the spiritual bondage of our own sin, not liberation from external oppression.

God Against gods

Yahweh is a God of dominance. He suffers no challengers to His supremacy, and He demonstrated the futility of those challengers when Moses faced off against Pharaoh in Exodus 5-10.

The Shepherd’s Authority

In this message from Deuteronomy 31, Dr. Daniel Bennett (Senior Pastor of Bethany Community Church in Washington, Illinois) teaches about the limited, temporary and fragile nature of the authority given to church shepherds, and the God-honoring example Moses offers for church leaders today.

Hearts on Fire

When we find joy in the resurrected Lord we will share it with the world! In this Easter sermon, Pastor Ritch shares the experiences of Cleopas, one of the disciples that encountered Jesus on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-35.

My Soul Magnifies the Lord!

A worshipping heart rejoices to make much of God. In this sermon from Luke 1:46-56, Pastor Ritch teaches Mary’s faithful response to her great calling to become the mother of her Savior.