Sermons by Josh Beakley (Page 12)

Sermons by Josh Beakley (Page 12)

No Time to Waste

In this message, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches from Ephesians 5:15-21, about the temptation to live a life of self-indulgence and comfort. This passage of Scripture gives the church a countercultural way in which to live under the influence of wisdom, leading to a deeper walk with Christ.

First Things First

God won’t settle for the work of our hands when He doesn’t first have the worship of our heart. In this message from Luke 10:38-42, Pastor Josh Beakley encourages believers to examine their priorities and make room for worship and to listen for the voice of the Lord.

The Sweetest Words

People will follow the voice they listen to; whoever has your ear has your heart. Temptation’s voice speaks to everyone in every walk of life, but few know the path to avoid its pitfalls. In this message from Proverbs 7, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches us to listen for the voice of Christ, and about the futility of working harder to overcome temptation.

The Most Neglected Urge

Every new day brings with it new temptations, challenges, and opportunities to either gratify the flesh or to honor God with our choices. In this message from I Thessalonians 4:1-8, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches about the church’s tendency to forget about the spiritual battle Christians fight each day and offers practical encouragement to help us grow deeper in our walk with Christ.