Sermons on Romans 8

Sermons on Romans 8

God’s Inseparable Love

In this message, Pastor Ritch teaches that the love of God never abandons, leaves or fails His children. This love of Christ does not spare believers from experiencing severe hardships in this world, but it does make certain their eternal joy in God.

God Secures His Own

We will never find confidence in our salvation if we only engage with God emotionally. We will find confidence in God’s saving love for us when we engage with God theologically, doctrinally, and historically. In this message from Romans 8:32-34, Pastor Ritch proclaims the confident assurance of our salvation in Christ.

Since God Is For Us

Because God chose to set His love upon His children in eternity past, we who are His children know for certain that our future is one of unending joy and glory in God. In this message from Romans 8:31-32, Pastor Ritch teaches about the unstoppable love of God.

God Works In All Things

In this message, Pastor Ritch dispels common misunderstandings while providing believers with hope in the perfect will of God as he teaches from Romans 8:28-29.

The Holy Spirit Intercedes for Us

During seasons of suffering and pain, God’s children often do not even know the words to express in their prayers to God. Rather than leave us in confusion or despair, God provides hope and comfort. In this message from Romans 8:26-27, Pastor Ritch teaches about the ministry of the Holy Spirit to intercede for us in the midst of the trials we all face.

Incomparable Glory

Why do children of God still experience pain and suffering on this earth? In this message from Romans 8:16-18, Pastor Ritch teaches about God’s purpose and design in the temporary sufferings of this life, and about finding an eternal joy in Him.

Heirs of God

In this message from Romans 8:14-17, Pastor Ritch lays out the ways God gives assurance of salvation to the believer and the great comfort readily available to all Christians through this doctrine.