Sermons on Romans 10

Sermons on Romans 10

Beautiful Feet

If you have met Jesus, you can introduce someone to Jesus. God loves to use simple instruments to eternally change the course of another’s life.

Believe In Your Heart, Part 2

The most basic duty and greatest need for each believer is to consciously place our whole person under the Lordship of Jesus each day, including both the belief in our heart as well as the confession with our mouth.

Believe In Your Heart, Part 1

Because Jesus is the end of the Law, He is the source of righteousness for all who believe in Him. God calls all men and women to confess with their mouth and believe in their heart that Jesus is Lord and Savior.

God’s Righteousness vs. Man’s Righteousness

Religious people often stumble over Jesus and miss God’s salvation because they depend upon good deeds and religious rituals to satisfy God’s demand for righteousness. But God’s demand for righteousness is satisfied only through faith in Jesus who offers it to us as a free gift.