Sermons on Matthew (Page 2)

Sermons on Matthew (Page 2)

The Self-Righteous Hypocrite – The Priests

Jesus urges us to understand the difference between a person who is superficially moral and a person who is spiritually alive, between a person who ACTS righteous before men and a person who IS righteous on the inside.   [do action=”primary-button” text=”Read the latest Devotions” link=””/]

Commissioned… Me?

Are we fruitful? When Jesus had compassion on the crowds, it wasn’t over their hunger or health, but a sorrow over the condition of their souls.

The Offense and the Opportunity of the Cross

The central message of Good Friday is this: Jesus died to rescue us from our sins. In this Good Friday message, Pastor Ritch teaches from Matthew 27:22-54, about four truths of the cross to help us receive God’s grace in Jesus Christ.