Sermons on Mark

Sermons on Mark

Follow Me: The Call to Discipleship

When we follow Jesus, He gives us new life and makes us into fishers of men. God is not the beneficiary of our commitment to Jesus. We are. ORDER OF WORSHIP [do action=”secondary-button” label=”Give Online – Safely & Securely” link=”″/] Song: Christ Our Hope In Life and Death Communion Song: O For A Thousand Tongues Song: Christ Be All* • Scripture Reading:Mark 1:12-20 • Sermon: Dr. Ritch Boerckel Closing Song: All I Have Is Christ • Benediction *Pre-K through 6th…

The Lawful Use of the Law

The law itself is good, but it is not good news since it displays our unworthiness before it. But we will never accept the good news of the Gospel if we are foolish enough to think we have no sin.

A Desperate Dad Petitions Jesus

Faith is a gift from God that connects us to God’s person and to every one of God’s blessings. Without faith we do not have God and without God we have nothing. In this Father’s Day message from Mark 5:21-43, Pastor Ritch teaches how Jesus used the circumstances of one father to grow and shape his faith and dependence upon God.

The Treasure of Little Tikes

As followers of Jesus, every member of the local church has a responsibility to help bring the children of their church community to Jesus without hindrance . In this message from Mark 10:13-16, Dr. Ritch Boerckel teaches about a short but incredibly deep story of Jesus illustrating the Gospel to his own disciples through his care for and focus on children.
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