Sermons on Hosea (Page 2)

Sermons on Hosea (Page 2)

God’s Persevering Love for His Own

In one Peanuts cartoon features Lucy looking fondly at Schroeder. We know the context: she is infatuated with Schroeder. Schroeder is bent over playing the piano and Lucy is leaning with her elbow against the piano, looking longingly in adoration at Schroeder. She wishes so much that Schroeder would return her love. Schroeder is not paying any attention, so she asks him, “Schroeder, do you know what love is?” For a moment Schroeder sits up and he stops playing. He…

The Necessity of True Worship

What is God like? Jot down in your mind some attributes which come to your mind when you think about God. It is likely, as you are making that list, you are noting attributes such as “gracious,” “loving,” “merciful,” “righteous,” “holy,” “sovereign,” “eternal,” “all-powerful,” “all-knowing,” “ever-present,” “faithful,” “wise,” “good,” “forgiving,” “true.” Were these some of the thoughts you had as you began making a list of who God is and what He is like? There is one central attribute of…

Unfaithfulness Confronted

Hosea is found in what one person described as “the clean pages of your Bible.” This is a part of the Bible we do not open very often, maybe never. Hosea begins a part of the Bible called “the minor prophets” and there are twelve minor prophets in the Old Testament. Let me begin with a brief history and context of Israel to help us to understand where Hosea is and why he is giving this message. God comes to…
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