Sermons on Exodus

Sermons on Exodus

Finite Leaders. Infinite God.

Many leaders experience the temptation to consider themselves as indispensable to those they lead, but as Moses’ demonstrates, effective and long-lasting leadership demands wisdom and community.

The Chief End of Man

Nothing is worth pursuing if we know that we will leave God behind us in order to chase after it. Nothing is worth avoiding if we know that God will be with us as we follow Him.

God’s Deliverance

God delivers His people from bondage by grace through a blood sacrifice. But His primary focus in His redemption is freedom from the spiritual bondage of our own sin, not liberation from external oppression.

God Against gods

Yahweh is a God of dominance. He suffers no challengers to His supremacy, and He demonstrated the futility of those challengers when Moses faced off against Pharaoh in Exodus 5-10.
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