Sermons on Esther

Sermons on Esther

The Great Reversal

There’s only one right side of history: God always wins. In this final sermon from our series on the book of Esther, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches through chapters of 8-10, about the clear demonstration of God’s sovereignty despite His name never appearing in the book.

Turn of Fate

It just so happens that nothing just so happens. In this message, Pastor Josh Beakley walks through Esther 5-7, and explains that regardless of how hopeless the circumstances may seem from our perspective, fate always turns according to plan, and the supremacy of God always prevails.

Leap of Faith

In this message from Esther 4, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches about the reality of evil and its demand for a response from every believer.

Rise of the Nemesis

In this message from Esther 3, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches about the rise of evil, and shows how the glory of God is on display even through life’s darkest moments.

Trouble In Paradise: Our Depravity

In the first message of this five-part series, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches from Esther 1-2, about the sure hope believers can place in God’s sovereignty in spite of seemingly hopeless circumstances.