Sermons on Colossians

Sermons on Colossians

Become Like Him, Part 1

Jesus builds His church so that His followers will grow as spiritually mature worshippers of God. The mission of the church is to help every follower become more like Jesus.

Speak Up!

The modern world is desperately in need of the Gospel, but many believers don’t know where to begin. In this message from Colossians 4:2-6, Pastor Josh Beakley teaches why silence is not an option.

Stirring Up Love through Forgiveness

We are a people in the process of progress; we have not yet crossed the finish line. Forgiveness enables us to glorify God in our local church. In this message from Colossians 3:12-15, Pastor Ritch teaches that not only is forgiveness a means of bringing glory to God, but that very same glorification of God can be so easily lost when forgiveness is fumbled.

Profiles of Faith

The essence of the message is we do not need anything else other than Jesus. That was the attempt of the false teachers of the 1st Century and that is the attempt of the false teachers of today. They said, “Jesus is fine, but to Jesus let us add a little bit of mysticism. Let us spice up our faith a bit by adding some of the elements which will cause us to move in a mystical direction, a direction…

Prayer and Evangelism

We have been talking about the practical applications of the sufficiency of Christ in all things. We have seen how the sufficiency of Christ affects relationships in the home and in the marketplace. We turn to the internal world of one’s own soul and Paul is giving his final instructions to the church at Colossae before he leaves them and he wants to build the basics of the Christian life so they would not forget those things which are most…