Sermons on Acts 9

Sermons on Acts 9


Without personal conversion you cannot enter heaven.  Only through personal conversion can we know God and enjoy Him now and forever. ORDER OF WORSHIP Welcome & Call to WorshipSong: Saved My Soul*Song: Christ Our Hope in Life and DeathSong: King of KingsScripture Reading: Acts 8:26-40 (Page 917)Sermon: Pastor Josh BeakleyCommunionBenedictionSong: His Mercy Is More *10:00am Service Only

The Joy of Ministry

The Book of Acts switches emphasis from Paul, who had just been converted, to Peter, and for the next couple of chapters, Peter is going to dominate, and then Paul is going to take the scene and Paul is going to dominate the rest of the Book of Acts from Chapter 13, 14, on. This little interlude is given to us to help us realize that the ministry of Paul and the ministry of Peter are not in conflict. There…

A Transformed Life

Dave Murphy, of the San Francisco Chronicle, writes, “Change is like putting lipstick on a bulldog.” He goes on to say, “There is a tremendous amount of effort involved and most of the time all you get is some cosmetics and an angry bulldog.” I love that word picture. Real change in family, friends, and co-workers can be as elusive as the wind. The Bible would not have us focus so much on the need for change in others as…

God’s Long Reach

Today we take up the topic of conversion. This is a much neglected subject today. Even the term “conversion” seems a bit out of date because we hear it so infrequently. Even so, we remember the Lord Jesus, Himself, said in Matthew 18:3: “…unless you be converted and become as little children you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus teaches us that we must have a conversion story or we will not make our home…