Sermons on Acts 7

Sermons on Acts 7

Spirit-Filled Martyrdom

We must be filled with the Spirit if we are to have a Christ-like response to persecution and hardship. In this message from Acts 7:54-8:3, Art Georges (Senior Pastor of Living Hope Community Church) teaches about the death of Stephen and the encouragement it holds for the church to stand for Christ today.

Dying in the Faith

In this study we take up the subject of death. Perhaps this is not a pleasant subject, but it is a necessary one. The Bible’s teaching on death connects us to God’s instructions for life. We need reminders that each of our lives are but vapors appearing for a little while and then vanishing away. I believe there is much lack of holiness in living that is caused by too little contemplation on dying, but so often we consider these…

Boldly Proclaiming God’s Word

John Stott writes, “Some preachers are like the circus jugglers – one stood against the wall and the others threw knives at him. They would hit above his head. They would hit close by his ear, under his armpit, in between the fingers. They could throw within a hairbreadth and never strike. Such skill in a circus juggler is commendable, but the same skill in a messenger of God is not. God’s word is described as a two-edged sword piercing…