Sermons on Acts 3

Sermons on Acts 3

Jesus Continues His Ministry

ORDER OF WORSHIP [do action=”secondary-button” label=”Give Online – Safely & Securely” link=”″/] Welcome & Call to Worship Song: Jesus Song: It Is Well (Oh My Soul) Song: Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery Scripture Reading: Acts 3:1-26 Sermon: Dr. Ritch Boerckel Song: Grace Greater Than Our Sin Benediction [do action=”secondary-button” label=”Digital Bulletin for 2.7.21″ link=””/]

Times of Refreshing

As you know, the most powerful earthquake in forty years erupted under the sea, off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, on December 26th. The quake unleashed what we now know of as a “tsunami;” that is a series of waves that can travel through the ocean with speeds over five hundred miles per hour. They can crest upon the shore with ninety to one-hundred foot high waves. Today the estimated death toll of this tsunami in south…

Leaping for Joy

At the end of each year a prominent Christian researcher, George Barna, releases a summary of his finding concerning the church in America. Some of his research this past year has been encouraging. For instance, an estimated 22 million adults have been added to the church in America in the last decade. America’s youngest pastors are more aware of and responsive to the battle for the minds and hearts of children. Most Americans, nearly two-thirds of them, continue to give…