Sermons on 1 Thessalonians

Sermons on 1 Thessalonians

Real Peace

Real peace is to be sought not apart from God’s people, but among them. It’s difficult, but it is worth fighting for.

Real Faith

The difference between people with faith and those without is night and day; people of faith live with spiritual clarity about the future and encourage one another in spiritual community.

Real Change

No one believes in Jesus and continues to live the same old life. Any faith in Christ that does not change our practical life is a false faith.

Real Love

Church is not so much a place to go to as it is a family to which we belong. We do not gather together to honor God through our activities, we gather together to honor God through our love for Him and for His people.

Real Care

A real church possesses loving and sacrificial leadership. Spiritual shepherds must prepare to persevere through much opposition and pain as they serve God in the church.
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