Sermons on 1 John (Page 2)

Sermons on 1 John (Page 2)

Genuine Identity

Those whom God identifies with Jesus, identify themselves with Jesus. The church is not a place, but a people. In order to take proper precautions for the safety of our people and our community, our leadership team made the decision to cancel Sunday worship services on-site at Bethany on March 15th (read the full statement from our leaders here). We believe that in the short-term, this decision is the wisest and kindest path for our church to honor guidance from…

Genuine Desires

God’s salvation creates a love for God and for one another. This new love for God and for His people drives out the old love of the world from our hearts.

A Genuine Testimony

Jesus provides us everything we need to be right with God. We don’t need to add anything to our salvation, earn any merit, or accomplish a level of righteousness. Jesus is enough.

True or False?

In God’s design, the safeguard embedded within the Church is the discernment of the people. Pastor Josh Beakley teaches from I John 4:1-6 in this exhortation for the church to stay alert doing the hard work of practicing critical thinking, and committing to deep Biblical study.