Knowing Christ Radio

Knowing Christ Radio

Knowing Christ Radio began under the name “Firm Foundation Radio,” and began as a suggestion of Scott Krus, then General Manager of WBNH Radio, the local Moody affiliate in Central Illinois. Pastor Ritch’s desire was to hold up the name of Jesus, not his own, and was at first reluctant to do a radio broadcast. However, God used Scott and through his encouragement, Ritch came to see how God could be glorified by proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord over the airwaves.

The first radio program aired in August 2004. The name was changed to Knowing ChristTM Radio with the national launch of the program in 2013.

Ritch is thankful for so many who have encouraged and assisted him in expanding the ministry of God’s Word both on radio and at Bethany Baptist Church.

“It is my desire that Knowing Christ Radio proclaims Jesus as Lord and prepares God’s people to worship Him now and forever!”

Dr. Boerckel’s goal for Knowing ChristTM Radio.