This was day 1 of English Camp at Iglesia Nueva Vida En Cristo. Until recently we were expecting the children to be out of school and to have only one session daily. Because of Covid-19 disruption, the government extended the school year and we are providing 2 sessions, one in the morning for children that have school in the afternoon and the other in the afternoon for those who were in school in the morning. Another pandemic effect is uncertainty over how many children would actually come.

Turnout was small, a total of about 30 this first day. The children seemed to have a good time, so we are expecting some growth throughout the week. The smaller sized groups allowed us to form closer bonds with the kids, and also with the church folks that showed up to help.


  • Our young lady that was sick was back to normal today, came to serve with the rest of the team and didn’t even get tired from the activity!
  • For the children we were able to minister to today!
  • For good health & energy from most of the team!

Prayer Requests:

  • One of our young men became ill last night and was not able to participate today. Pray for a quick recovery for him. His family is aware, so moms-if you haven’t heard about this, it isn’t your son!
  • Pray for the rest of the team that we would continue to be healthy and able to serve the church and our visitors.
  • Pray for lasting fruit in the lives of the children, the church and in our team.

Thank you all for praying for us, please do continue!!!

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