An Update from our GO Partner in Ukraine

An Update from our GO Partner in Ukraine

Dear friends,    

You expressed your love and support to us in numerous messages, calls, and prayers today. It has been overwhelming. Thank you and praise the Lord!

I am in Kyiv and it looks like I arrived yesterday night with one of the very last flights before the airport Boryspil has been bombed by Russians. Thankfully, Irina is staying in Wroclaw and all our children are busy with their studies or working somewhere abroad. Praise the Lord!

I was in hurry to come back to help Natalia, our administrator, prepare the Realis dormitory for the refugees. We thought we have at least a week or two before the war starts. We didn’t know that Putin already has planned for this last night to start his unthinkable, diabolic war. The dormitory is located in Vorzel 35 miles from Kyiv but I couldn’t go there this morning as the highway was completely jammed with cars that tried to leave Kyiv. In the afternoon this road was already empty as Russian helicopters were bombing a nearby airport. Natasha who lives on the way from Kyiv to Vorzel has called me about an hour ago. She said there are heavy fighting’s going on right next to her town. Please pray.

At least one family is already in the dormitory, and I hope others will be able to get there tomorrow. Thanks to all of you who generously donated money for preparing it in time. Praise the Lord!

This night I am staying at home. Sometimes in my mind, I hear the encouraging voices of many of you who visited us here over the last 25 years. I hear your voices, see your smiles, and feel much better even though this night might be a very hard one. Praise the Lord! And please pray.

Just a few hours ago I had a phone conversation with Sergiy G. – a kind young man from our church with a charming smile, with whom we spent many nights on the Maidan eight years ago. Sometimes I feel he treats me like his father. His family has left Kyiv this afternoon by car for finding refuge in the Carpathian Mountains, so now Sergiy signed up to be one of Kyiv’s volunteer defenders. He is a dentist and never was in the army, but now he was given a gun and is ready to die for our country. Please pray.

This morning I spoke over the phone with Dr. Larisa S. When Irina and I just married Larisa started to work with Irina as a Chemical engineer. We became friends and soon she became a Christian. Now she is 70+, lives alone in one of the tall apartment buildings, and needed someone to tell her what to do and how to prepare for the war. It was a very special conversation. Please pray.

As I write I hear heavy blasts somewhere in the North of the city. It might be the hardest night in my life. Please pray.

Please pray for 7 or 8 families that try to reach Poland and Slovakia by a car tonight. Most of them got invitations through our friends there to get refuge with them. It is a very dangerous and difficult time to drive on the highway when the Russian army attacks from many places simultaneously. Please pray.

Please pray for me that God will continue to direct my steps and my mind. It looks like He brought me from safety in Wroclaw to the war in Kyiv for a reason. I need to be ready, and I know He will help me to be ready. Praise the Lord! Please pray.

Sergiy (and for Irina too)

Sergiy Tymchenko, PhD