Childcare Financial Assistance

Childcare Financial Assistance

Bethany Baptist Church loves children! But we acknowledge that some adult discipleship ministries like small groups can sometimes be more complex for parents with young children. At times it can be important for husbands and wives to spend quality time together apart from their children for the sake of their own spiritual communion and growth.

At Bethany, our families are free to choose discipleship options that best fit their own needs and stage of life. For example, some of our small groups plan to accommodate the presence of children at their regular small group meetings. However other groups seek to provide regular meetings without the presence of young children.

Because we desire to remove any possible obstacle to the spiritual growth of young couples in our church, we are offering childcare financial assistance for families who desire to participate in a Small Group. This help will supplement some of the childcare costs incurred as a result of participating in one of Bethany’s small groups.

How does it work?

  • Parents are always responsible to schedule, contract, and pay their babysitters directly. Bethany does not refer babysitters to families. Each family is responsible to find and pay their own sitter.
  • The amount paid to the baby-sitter is entirely and fully up to the parents. Bethany’s assistance is after-the-fact, intended to help offset some (but likely not all) of the childcare costs associated with the parents’ participation in our small group ministries.
  • At their own convenience, parents retroactively submit one or several childcare financial assistance requests online after each small group event(s).
  • Assistance is offered at a rate of up to $20 per event per family to help offset some of the child-care expenses incurred. Any family who attends an approved small group is encouraged to submit a assistance request for childcare expenses incurred for children under the age of 13.
  • All assistance requests will be processed by the church office and mailed to the family once per month.

Submit a Request

  • Provide the date(s) and time of day you expect to require childcare assistance.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Frequently Asked Questions

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