Bethany Kids Resources for the week of January 22, 2023

Bethany Kids Resources for the week of January 22, 2023

Weekly Video Lesson

This week our Sunday School classes continue our study of the life of Christ with a lesson from Matthew 18, Jesus Confronts the Rich Young Ruler. Check out the video lesson and discussion questions from our Children & Family Minister Daniel Sheaffer below:

Video Discussion Q+A

1) What question did the Rich Young Ruler ask Jesus? Was this a good question or not? 

Teacher, what good deed must I do to inherit eternal life? This is a good question in some ways because he’s coming to Jesus to ask this question. He’s asking him about eternal life. But, he’s asking Jesus what good deed he must do. He believes gaining eternal life comes by doing instead of believing. 

2) What does Jesus say the Rich Young Ruler has to do to be perfect (and therefore, enter heaven)? 

Jesus tells him that he must go and sell everything he has and come and follow Jesus. Jesus invites him to become a disciple. This doesn’t mean every person has to give up everything he has, but Jesus is teaching us about this man’s heart. This man loved his possessions more than he wanted to follow Jesus. 

3) What is Jesus pointing to when he says it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter God’s Kingdom? 

Jesus is teaching the disciples that what is impossible with men, is possible with God. God can change and transform any heart, but to enter God’s kingdom, one must be willing to give up anything to come and follow Jesus. God is the one by the power of the Holy Spirit who can do this. 

4) What does Jesus promise to the disciples? 

Jesus promises that they will reign with him in the new world and they will get 100 times more back than what they gave up to follow him. It may have felt to them that they had given up a lot to come follow Jesus, but it would be nothing in comparison to what they would gain. This takes faith, and it takes trust in who Jesus is and what he has done. 

5) What does this story mean for us as we follow Jesus? 

This story teaches us that we can never earn our way to God, and we must be willing to give up anything to follow him. If we love something or someone more than Jesus, we truly don’t love Jesus. God says that we should have no other gods before him. So, if we would be a true disciple of Jesus, we must deny ourselves and follow him. Jesus promises he is worth it. 

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